These Days Customer Service is More Important than Ever


In the time of COVID-19, Customer Service Teams are your business’s front line workers.

2020 has become a year of constant flux and daily uncertainty. “Is it safe to order take-out? Will my customers come back? Can I keep my business running remotely?”

From airlines and hotels to real estate, finance and education, every industry has been hit hard. And recovery will take awhile. But, with a customer service team in place, your road to recovery has fewer bumps, because they’re the ones who pave the way for your customers.

Here are a few ways you can be there for your customers and prospects as they navigate their way around this period of adjustment.

Provide Assurance

For existing customers, it’s vital you post service and product updates in easy-to-find places, so your customers can rest assured the service they signed up for is there when they need it.

Upload important notifications on your company blog, website or anywhere else your customers go to access your product or service. If they have specific needs requiring a call back, offer them steps to take in the meantime, so they feel empowered while they wait for direct assistance. 

Collaboration Leads to Responsiveness

Use Web Chat Software to respond to customer’s questions quicker. With the ability to chat between staff, your employees can create chat rooms to request assistance, share files with each other or your customers, and provide additional information on the fly, so you can better assist them while on the line.

Whether on a desktop computer or over the phone, web chat software encourages team members to cooperate on tasks, providing a better experience for them and your customers.

The Advantages of Live Chat:

Research shows live chat is especially helpful when businesses can’t be open. 79% of customers prefer live chat, because they can get an instant response. Live chat also has a high customer satisfaction rate of 92%.  

You can even go the extra mile and share digital business cards with customers. These cards can contain contact and other information about employees that customers can use whenever they need assistance. This helps to develop highly personalized relationships, and we all know that customers respond positively to personalizations with higher retention rates.

Email, SMS, and MMS Marketing Campaigns 

Customer service can take a proactive approach by reaching out to customers to see if they can be of service. Email, sms and mms are great ways to get back in touch with customers and prospects who may have gone “radio silent” on you.

Take lawyers, for example. Even though many courts are only holding certain types of cases, email, SMS, and MMS are great ways to follow up with clients on cases. Insurance agents can remind current customers of upcoming renewal plans and attract new prospects with drip campaigns.

According to the latest research, email marketing produces $44 for every $1 spent. No matter what industry you’re in, email, sms, and mms marketing is a no-brainer for keeping customers engaged and new prospects informed. Just imagine how good your customers would feel knowing that they are on your mind.

Use the Cloud to Onboard New Clients 

On-boarding new clients is a breeze when using the Cloud. Access to cloud storage allows you to easily pull up important documents and share them via live chat to provide guidance.

By quickly accessing important information, you can provide more personalized service. And it’s all accessible with just the click of a mouse.  

Ask the Right Questions 

When shopping around for a Customer Service solution, be sure to find a package that encompasses all your needs. All-in-one solutions are more reliable and cost-efficient.

And with all the ambiguity facing us today, it’s nice to know there’s at least one thing you can count on – a customer service platform that will keep your business thriving today and well into the future.

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By Alex Vetter

Alex Vetter is the product marketing manager at DYL. With a Masters from College de Paris, he runs the marketing department and helps with product management at DYL.

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