What is Warm Transfer?

It allows callers to speak with a new rep before their call is transferred to a different line. A warm transfer occurs when one employee is on an active call and then transfers the call to a different employee while passing on any relevant information so that the caller doesn’t have to repeat themselves. It’s… Continue reading What is Warm Transfer?

What is Call Switch?

Allows users to switch from an ongoing call to a different call. Users can end the previous call, transfer the caller, or put them on hold for another user. It helps your customer service reps during high-volume calls to easily switch between multiple calls. For example, if you’re on a conference call with your internal… Continue reading What is Call Switch?

What is Call Whispering?

Users can speak to a team member privately, during a sales or support call without the prospect or customer being able to hear it. Best for training staff, new hires, or touching base with reps. It is very useful for managers who want to train new staff, see how reps are performing, and making sure… Continue reading What is Call Whispering?

What is Drag and Drop Call?

Drag and Drop Call lets users drag incoming and outgoing calls to different users. You can transfer a call to an extension inside your organization or to an external directory. Users do this by by dragging a call from your interactions and dropping it on a name in the company directory or other directory. Calls… Continue reading What is Drag and Drop Call?